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Trap Team

There will be a required Trap Shooting meeting on Tuesday August 24th.  

  2021-2022 Pewitt Trap Shooting Team Members


First Place Team at the 2021 Pewitt FFA Trap Shoot.

2021-2022 Pewitt Trap Teams.

The Pewitt FFA Trap Shooting Team is proud to announce that we have received a NRA Foundation grant to purchase shot shells for practice and competition.  We want to thank the NRA for their support of our program and look forward to working closely with organizations like the NRA.

We would also like to recognize the Midway USA Foundation for their continued support of our shooting sports.




2021-2022 Trap Shooting Handbook Brent Kiefer 7/14/2021 543 KB
Trap Shooting Rules Brent Kiefer 8/25/2014 12 KB
Bobby Stewart Gun Range Release Form Brent Kiefer 7/14/2021 212 KB
Clays-N- More Release Brent Kiefer 8/25/2014 98 KB



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